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Property Week: Regenerate 2018 :: About the Event
6th February 2018
QEII centre Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE

Welcome to the Property Week: Regenerate Conference 2018

In the past urban regeneration was often no more than a byword for more housing developments, but now the emphasis has now shifted to schemes that stimulate social and economic regeneration.  Such projects are comprehensive, costly and take years to complete, require a mix of public financing and private investments, strong leadership and political drive.

The devolution of power to city regions is a powerful driver for regenerating towns and cities, and so is the emerging trend of local authorities borrowing and investing in local markets to create economic growth. In this sense they are becoming a business partner with a commercial stake on par with their private sector counterparts. They are also taking more dynamic roles in partnerships with the private sector as an equal join venture partner underwriting development risks. 

Regeneration projects, however, do not exist in a vacuum - without transport links and physical infrastructure there can be no sustainable growth, but these require huge sums government alone is unable to meet. Inward and institutional investments are becoming crucial to taking regeneration projects off the ground.

Finally, a place needs a character and an identity, and increasingly a digital footprint.  How do we place arts and culture at its centre and embed digital technologies in its social fabric to create vibrant places with strong economic potential?  

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