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15th June 2017
QEII centre Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE

Welcome to the Property Week: Regenerate Conference 2017

Property Week: Regenerate - An entrepreneurial approach to placemaking

After a seven year hiatus, regeneration is back on the agenda.

The decade that followed the election of New Labour in 1997 saw regeneration and economic development initiatives  launched at an unprecedented speed and volume. Then came the 2008 crash, the rescue of the banks, the election of the coalition in 2010 and the age of austerity.

For a sector that by definition depends on some form of public sector intervention, the impact was severe, with plans for many projects moving from viable to little better than scrap paper seemingly overnight.

Now, however, the sands are shifting once again. While dangers remain – not least the withdrawal of European regional development funding post-Brexit – the new government has signalled its commitment to regeneration and economic development.

With this in mind, the time has once again arrived for regeneration professionals to come together at Property Week: Regenerate (previously the Public Property Summit) to look afresh at the opportunities and challenges presented by the economic and political circumstances of the day. 

The agenda will be evolving over the coming weeks, but the key agenda themes have been released and are available to view here. Additionally, local authorities can attend for FREE, find our how here.

For further insight in to what will happen on 15th June, view the highlights reel from the Public Property Summit 2016:

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Key reasons to attend:

  • Meet with 200+ attendees from  local authorities to private developers and  investors  
  • Learn  what lies ahead for the sector across devolution,  article 50 and  inward investments  
  • Find out all you need to know about latest regeneration schemes UK-wide


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